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Import & Export Consulting Services


Trade X Consulting is a US consulting firm assisting businesses in importing and exporting their goods throughout the international markets. We provide the support, whenever and wherever it's needed. We're sure that our services will increase exports efficiently and goods get  delivered. 


In times of global marketing, the key points of many visionary  companies are cost-effective production and steadily rising numbers of customers abroad. Being fast and accurate, as well as saving time and resources in the immense flood of data, is of utmost importance. We are at your disposal especially for your planned trades in the US or around the world.

  • Broker & Entry Management

  • Duty Management & Refunds

  • Valuation & Reconcilation Services

  • Audits & Origin Verifications

  • Tariff Classification Determinations

  • NAFTA & Other Free Trade Agreements

  • Consulting Services

  • Export Services

  • Managed Services

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